It is more than a property in Spain for Nigel Jardine

Nigel JardineDave Bull talks to celebrity coach and three-time world record holder Nigel Jardine who has a property in Spain and has made it his base while he travels the world working.

Expat and Spain lover, Nigel Jardine is probably the hardest person I’ve had to write about, for a start trying to sum him up in a few words is impossible as he’s worked in theatre and the music industry as a performer, designer, technical manager, musician, lecturer and administrator. Add to that the fact that Nigel has an eclectic background and world of experiences, which is a huge benefit to his coaching and media work.

And… he trained as a cyclist in the ‘70s and was put forward for the Olympic Team and  he’s renovated and developed over 10 properties in the UK and abroad, since his first house in 1980 (and is now mortgage free). And finally, he was, and still is, a professional drummer and music producer.

Nigel, as you can see, like to keep busy, for example just this year (in March) an amazing opportunity arose when he was asked by Marvel Comic creator Stan Lee to be filmed as part of the History Channel’s “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” TV programme which is to be aired firstly on the History Channel US later this year and then it will be available for worldwide release, watch this space for more info.

Why Spain?

However ‘driven’ Nigel is I managed to sit him down for a few minutes to tell me why he has chosen Spain as his new home. Nigel loves the climate and the people. Not only does Spain allow him to immerse himself in his (and wife Jane’s) passion of cycling, they are in a country that loves its bikes! But they can get out on the bikes as much as possible.

Nigel’s hectic work schedule sees him flying around the world and he wanted somewhere that would give him ‘quality time’ when he was back from work and relaxing. That meant for Nigel the climate and terrain to cycle and a home that while peaceful, still allows him to interact with neighbours.


‘Here I can really be me,’ says Nigel, ‘if I’m not working then I’m out on my bike in the beautiful Spanish countryside or at home making a racket on the drums. In Spain I can unwind from the hustle and bustle of dealing with high-maintenance executives or stressed actors and enjoy the slower pace of life. The Spanish have it so right when it comes to quality of life – they work to live and make the most out of every day – we could all learn a thing or two from the way they embrace life.

‘When I’m working away in the US or somewhere else in the world, I can’t wait to get back to my home in Spain – I’ve usually planned the barbecue on the plane flying in! I enjoy being active and keeping myself in shape but even I enjoy the Spanish food and wine, of which there is always plenty.

‘A simple stroll along the beach is something that we can take for granted but when I’m working away it’s one of the things that I really ;look forward to on my return, that and the inevitable nine-course meal with some of the locals at some point too.’ But did he have any fears about buying in Spain? And would he offer any advice to people thinking of making the move?


‘With my history in renovating houses I wasn’t that fazed by the idea of buying abroad but I did my homework and spoke to people who had made the move successfully. I also checked out useful website blogs that shared other peoples’ experiences of making the move and eventually we had our Spanish property. The best advice I can offer is go to the professionals, and know what you want out of Spain, what type of home, what sort of area and discuss it with an agent who knows the area well.’

Nigel clearly loves his life in Spain and says it’s the best move he’s made in his busy life but most of all he notes that Spain really does allow him to relax and indulge his passions but he looks forward to nothing more than that simple evening stroll on the beach each time he returns.

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